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#07 Azucar

#07 Azucar


سُكَّر  / açúcar /  / šećer / cukr / sukker / suiker / sugar / sokeri / sucre / Zucker / ζάχαρη  / zucchero / 砂糖 / 설탕 /sukker / cukier / açúcar / zahăr / сахар / socker / น้ำตาล / şeker / цукор / đường  ăn

Exploitation, Greed and a Sweet Tooth’s insatiable desire. The toll of Sugar in terms of life and resource.

The sugar industry has been one of the most exploitative in human history. From forced labour and slavery to wars over territory.

The central image is a bag of sugar within which the worker spills their insides, their pancreatic fluid, which is need for sugar treatment in the body. Within the bag of sugar can be seen an image of sugar cane harvesting, industry, the refinery and international trade. The wall of sugar symbolises the sugar addiction wall to climb.

The hand drawn font of Azucar is in Spanish, for latin America is still the largest producer of sugar. Draw your attention to the letter U. Styled as a uvula because ‘it is a hard truth to swallow’.

Artist: A.K.
Paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag

101 Limited Edition Giclée Prints available in sizes A1 (594 x 841 mm), A2 (419 x 513 mm) and A3 (296 x 419 mm).

10 Limited Edition Giclée Prints available in size A0 (841 x 1189 mm)

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