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#BLM Indigenous NoReissue Mobile Wallpaper

#BLM Indigenous NoReissue Mobile Wallpaper


'The Indigenous population of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands in 2016 was estimated to be 798,365 persons. This makes Indiginious peoples about 3.3% of the total Australian population. Yet the Indigenous population account for 29% of the prison population.'

There has been a systematic effort by Australian Governments throughout Australia’s history to expunge the Indigenous population from the continent. This piece highlights the continued struggle that the Indigenous population goes through against Racisim, Prejudice and Social Exclusion.

This design is a bridge to join BLM(Black Lives Matter) movements across the world in this struggle and to raise awareness.

I have included the Boomerang as one of the hands digits as 'Aboriginals' are also a digit within this one black hand, one black body.

The design incorporates elements of Indigenous art. The markings on the hand are dots in the shape of a river bed to show time. The Boomerang has a design of rivers on either side which are crossed and, in line with Indigenous culture, people are grouped around a fire. The 'U' shape mimics the markings left on the ground when a person sits crosslegged, customary in Indigenous art. The smaller 'u' is for youngsters and the larger 'U' to represent elders. All are sat around a fire where knowledge is passed on from Elders to Youngsters.

I hope I have been able to do justice to the mindblowing indigenous art I have seen and I have tried to make the maximum effort to be respectful of the indigenous culture and icons.

Show your Support and Unity!

There are 2 mobile wallpapers in colours Earth and White.

(Stickers To follow!)

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